Get help from a landlord tenant attorney in South Pasadena, CA

Landlord-tenant matters can be challenging and when you are involved in a dispute with a tenant, you need to ensure your interests are protected. Additionally, there are other disputes which occur when dealing with real estate including disputes with contractors, co-owners, and with homeowner's associations. Our landlord tenant attorney can help resolve these disputes, so they stop costing you time and money.

Residential and Commercial Eviction Attorney

There are certain notices which must be issued before you can evict a person or business from the property you own. If this process is not followed, you are putting yourself at risk. Our eviction attorney can help you draft the proper documents and ensure that the actions you are taken to regain control of a rental unit are being handled properly according to California laws.

Building Contractor Disputes

When you hire someone to work on your property, you expect the work to be done with a high level of craftsmanship and performed in a timely manner. When a dispute arises about the quality of work or the overall performance of the work, we can help. Contact us immediately and let's discuss the problem and find the best resolution.

CA Purchase and Sale Disputes

Nearly all real estate purchases are completed without problems. However, in some cases, disputes arise over performance issues, deposits, or other terms which were explained in the original contract. We can help find a successful resolution to these issues and help ensure the final sale goes through without additional problems.

Co-Ownership Disputes

When you are a joint owner in a property, sometimes issues occur where one owner wishes to modify the property, sell the property, or has a different opinion about a tenant in the property. We understand these matters can be complicated, and we will do our best to help you find a resolution which works for everyone involved.

Homeowner's Association (HOA) Disputes

Homeowners associations are in place to protect owners. However, sometimes there are disputes pertaining to building maintenance, assessments, or common areas. These disputes can rage out of control at times resulting in your needing legal representation. Make sure you are working with an experienced landlord tenant attorney who understands HOA matters in California.

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