Family Law

Family Law

Consult a divorce attorney in South Pasadena, CA

Today, families are significantly different than they were a decade ago. That is one of the reasons why we are focused on providing important legal services for couples with no children, for those in the LGBT community and to assist with property division and other family law matters.

Divorce Attorney and Legal Separation in CA

Some couples who have deep-held religious convictions often opt for legal separation instead of divorce. However, the issues which must be resolved are the same including child custody and support, division of property, and spousal support in some instances. Whether you are facing the possibility of divorce or legal separation, you need to have solid legal representation to protect your rights and interest. We have the knowledge, experience, and integrity you are looking for when you need a divorce attorney.

Child Custody and Relocation Attorney

Typically, one of the most difficult issues to resolve between couples is child custody. In nearly all cases, parents find it difficult to surrender the day-to-day interaction with their children when they are legally separating or filing for divorce. We will help you make a credible case stating why you should have physical custody of your child and help you draft a parenting plan that works for both parents enabling your child to have the best possible relationship with their non-custodial parent.

Today's families are far more mobile than in the past. This often creates issues when one parent's job takes them across country. Complications arise when that parent has legal custody of your children. We can help you resolve these matters and show the court why relocation is not a good option for your children if needed.

California Child Support Disputes and Assistance

Whether an unmarried couple or a divorced couple has children, both parents have financial responsibilities to the child. When a parent is not meeting their child support obligations, we are here to help. We can file a contempt charge against the non-paying parent and help ensure you have the financial resources needed to care for your child.

If you are currently in the process of filing for divorce, we can help you determine the amount of support needed to ensure the proper care of your child or children. Health care, after school or daycare, and educational expenses should always be reviewed before determining how much child support you should be entitled to for your children.

Domestic Violence Assistance

No person should have to live with the threat of being harmed by a former spouse, domestic partner, or family member. We can help you obtain the protection you need to ensure your safety and the safety of your children if needed. When you need help with orders of protection in Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, San Diego County, or Ventura County contact us immediately.

CA Gay & LGBT Family Law

At McAllister Glover, Attorneys at Law, we know that gay and LGBT family law issues seem to change on a regular basis, and we take pride in making sure we stay current on the issues that most impact your family. We also understand when you are facing a legal matter, you want an attorney who will treat you with kindness, compassion, and take your needs seriously. We focus on making sure your family gets through the legal challenges you are facing by providing affordable, experienced, and compassionate legal services.

Assistance with Mediating Family Law Issues

Not every family law matter requires litigation. In many cases, family members can work through their differences if they work with a third-party who can help them remove the emotion from the equation. In addition to saving money, mediation is less harmful to personal relationships. We can help you work through the issues which you are unable to reach an agreement on your own.

Property Division After Separation and Divorce

Some couples enter a relationship with their own property while others only have what was acquired during their marriage. Property division is often complicated by jointly held bank accounts, real estate, and automobiles. Our divorce attorney can help you resolve these matters and ensure that both assets and debts are divided equitably based on several factors including both parties work history, ability to pay debts, and whether one party has physical custody of the children of the marriage.

Unmarried Couples Disputes

Whether a couple has been living together for a long period of time and have commingled assets or the couple has not lived together but have children together, there are often issues which must be resolved with the family court. We can help with issues pertaining to child support, custody and establishing paternity.

When you need fair and affordable family law assistance, contact McAllister & Glover at their Pasadena, California. We will review all of the pertinent issues and help you make good decisions based on California law and the needs of your family.