Protect Your Family's Best Interests

Protect Your Family's Best Interests

Choose an estate planning attorney in South Pasadena, CA

Estate planning is essential for every California resident. You want an estate plan to protect your assets and make sure they go to your family members if anything ever happens to you. McAllister Glover, Attorneys at Law in South Pasadena, CA assists clients with drafting wills, declaring power of attorney and general estate management of belongings and real property.

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Determining if you need a trust

For some people, a simple will is all they need to protect their family's best interests. However, more complicated estates require extra levels of protection. One way you can protect your family is with a trust. If you're interested in forming a trust as part of your estate planning, our attorney will:

  • Meet with you to discuss the different kinds of trusts
  • Select the trust that works best for your financial situation
  • Draft a trust using clear language to outline all of your wishes

Whether you're forming a trust to provide for a family member with special needs or just to protect certain assets, turn to our estate planning attorney for help. We can also provide assistance if you're executing the stipulations of a trust.

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